Well this is FANTASTIC I have been gone for a week at Thailand and OH MY GOSH I HAVE A LOT TO CATCH UP ON WITH SCIENCE! So I am a week behind with my instigation and I am really worried about it. In fact I JUST stared my good copy and I am still a little scared that my investigation is actually Science. AANNDD I haven't found a experiment yet. As well as I need a model for it AS WELL!!!!!

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Now hold the phone you may be think, this reflection is different WHY!? Because instead of focusing on maths and reading we are doing SCIENCE!!!! Mainly because our class went to the Discovery Center. Now when I saw the out side of it I thought it would be RUBBISH but either huge a book by its cover because it was AMAZING! You could really interact with the experiments. My personal favorite was the planetarium. I learnt that Uranus (NO JOKES) spins in a different angle then ANY OVER PLANET(and moon as well) I also liked this one when you press a button and the air around the ball made it float FLOAT!


When we where there we had to chose some little experiment to explain why it happened. Like THIS

20160728-102706.jpg The one I found was about negative and positive charges. It was really cool how it works.

Just to summarize that, it happens when you rub the lid with the cloth. The negative and positive charges from the lid and the little balls charges get attract to the lids charges so they ZING to the lid. ( that means they just joined to the lid)

This one is just for fun at the Discovery Center ok, ok LETS A'GO

That's RIGHT I'M BACK! This week has been kind of chill ya' know. We learn a lot but not like REALLY HECTIC like some weeks. For maths there wasn't mooch what I leant so there is not going to be a seeing for it. I I really learn for maths is time zones. In fact there is THREE time zones in Australia.

Now for reading we got a new serial story and NO it's not actually serial.
Any ways it's called the city of ember, it's about this city that is under ground LIKE UNDERTALE sorry I had too. Any ways back on track, so yeah it about a city ( witch is pretty run down ) that is under ground. The main two characters are Lina and DOOM you have to say DOOM like that. We have learn a lot about the settings and the main characters behavior.

So for my writing this week I have been working on my sequel for The Hunter Receives. I have been really Enjoying writing it BUT yes there is a BUT I need to write heaps more.

The first week was a big WACK OF THE SLACK! Meaning we did some pretty hard work (for the first week back) and I learnt a lot of new thinks that will help me later and well NOW in life.

For the first week I learnt a lot of new stuff,like how to tell 24 Hr. It's when Instead of 12 two times it just carts on. Like instead of 1pm it would be 1300 which sounds like 13 hundred well kinda like that. Here is what I did

I learnt how you say 24 Hr time and an easy way to Figure how to change between the two. But we also did this task. It was about how we have to convince our teacher(she pretended to be our mom for the task) and we hade to connive her if me and a partner could go to the movies alone. So we had to do this plan with how long, how much, when do we go and over stuff like that.

I learnt how to read a time table works and this is wear I learnt to do 24 hour time.

If you don't know I LOVE WRITING and this week, we learnt how to do a science fiction. It's where we have to write about some thing science like alien, machines and robot and stuff like that. My story is about robots and is a second dairy story to The Hunter Receives.

If you remember AGES ago I made a blog post about this event last year about three way conference. I was RRRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYYYYY proud of what I did and my PARENTS. Yes you heard THERE BACK! Any way back on track. Last years was pretty TERRIBLE cambered to 2016 ( this year). And I got some feed back, parents got me chocolate after ( I know luck as heck) and as I said I am RRRREEEEAAAALLLLYYYYYYY proud of what I achieved in such little time.

I showed them my paper planes investigation, my story I'm super proud of, my biography ( coming soon ) and some little extras.

The Hunter Receives
As the speeding metal titan ran for his, red glowing eyes peered at their victim.
"I've got to get out of this death trap." Spluttered Konic.
As his wound slowed him down.
Curocka's alliance was determined to attack, but Curocka's glare grow strong with a message. Don't attack till' I do. Simple but strict. As Curocka's antlers gleamed in the sun, his gears clunked and his pitons hissed. All he hade to do was stay aimed and wait. Once Konic passed the trap, Curocka fired down with is weapon. It only took one bullet to take the Titan down. Bolts flew, oil spilt and cries of pain echoed Curocka called his attack. Ironcracker sped out from the bushes and poinced on his victim.

Script for three way conference.

Welcome mum and dad to my three way conference. Thank you for attending
To hear my learning for this semester instead of working. Now if you remember you attending this event last year. So it's Basically the same thing. I will show and explain 3 main categories English, Math and inquiry.

Firstly lets start with English. My main reading goal for this term was to read 30 minutes every night, but only the time was achieved but I did make a reading schedule for my reading so it's mostly done. But I still strive for a new one. Now my writing on the other hand has gone up to 0.5 to 8.7!!!!!!!!! One of my goals was to write my neatest when writing text and others like that. I achived this by writing smaller but not too small. Here's a technique that stuck with me. It's called show don't tell. Its where instead of saying some one is angry you say many sentences with descriptive words that means the exact same message and it's more effective.

Note: show piece of writing. I learnt how to structure
But that's not what I'm so proud of. Not by a long shot. What I'm most proud of is my stories and my use of descriptive words as well ideas and punctuation. Here's a story I'm super dooper proud of.
Note: show story.

Secondly lets talk about Maths. I'm still pretty weak with maths but I'm get way better by the week. But I have done some pretty great stuff in maths like my 'Paper Planes Investigation'. Speaking of the devil here's my paper planes investigation. This is where I learnt most of my measurements like area, extra on perimeter, measuring angles and what types and more. But with this thing we have, its called maths online. I am really struggling with it. It doesn't make sense to me. And I also need to practice some tables.

Thirdly, inquiry. In inquiry we have done a lot and I mean A LOT. I have learnt about citizen ship, our rights and laws of Australia to name a few. But this term I have learnt a lot about Australia's history. And I made a biography I chose to research Martin Cash since his life seemed interesting to investigate. Here's my biography I made.

Conclusion Wing it

In conclusion thank you for entering

I was This happy when it was over.


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In our class we have been working on a oral presentation about a important character from the 1800s and act 'A Day I'll Never Forget'. I choose Martin Cash an Irish convict with a interesting but tragic life. FACT: he was the only bush ranger in Australia that died in his own bed. I am a little nervous because when I act I normally do comedy which I am fine with, but now that I have to do factual I am a bit nervous but not too much.

20160608-144444.jpg This is Martin Cash