Weekly Revision term4 | week 6

This week we had a guest speaker at our school. She was teaching us about safety and how we can help it, keep it clean and how to safe it. ( so your parents don't get a donkin big BILL in the mail.) Since there's all different levels with younger grades and all our was to be sustainable. We got little things to read and talk about. Our groups one was about how to much rubbish form children's lunch boxes can go all the way to the ocean and the streets. Causing sea life to die and get sick which is... VERY BAD!!!!

A interesting thing I found out about was that all the currents lead to this area in the 'Pacific Ocean'. Its a massive area full of garbage floating on the surface like a island. This a massive is hug and we are trying to get rid of it.

20161111-125654.jpgBut a way you could stop things like risk is recycling, not using plastic bags and stop buying plastic bottles.... Sometimes. And I am going to start doing ALL those things and more.

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