Week 4 Reflection

As normal I have had a LLLOOOTTT of learning cramped up there and now it's to show it to you all. This week was really fun. Especially on Thursday because we had the ' FUN RUN' yay....

In maths I learnt a lot about how to classify different 2D shapes. And NO not squares and normal triangles no. Like REALLY WERID SHAPES! For example I now know how to find a irregular shape and what type. And that their are no such thing as a irregular square. Instead it's called a irregular quadrilateral which means four sided shape. Which again reminds me how to find different types of irregular shapes. So no mater the length of the sides of the shape it will always rely on how many sides. Confused well it quite simple just count the sides of your irregular shape. For example you counted 5 sides but all the sides where longer than each other and all other the place. It would be a irregular pentagon.



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