The Great Science Expo!

On Wednesday we had our Science Expo this is the thing I have being worried about. Here all the grade 5s had their science question, their poster to tell them how it happens or how it happened and a model or experiment.


I was really nervous for my first time to explain how wolves have evolved to dogs. But after that it was no problem. I put a lot of effort with my written explanation and I am very proud how my speech went. Now practising was a little bit 50 50. At the start of the expo I was speaking clearly and was fine but near the end of the expo I just was RRRREEAALLYYY SSIICCKKK OOOFFFFFF SSSAAAAYYYYIIIINNNNGGGGG TTTHHHEEEE SSSAAAAMMMMEEEEE TTTTHHHHHHHIIIIINNNNNGGGGG over and OVER again!!! So I started to jumble my words a little. As well as every time some one new arrived I had to look at the names off my cue cards but come on they are the weirdest names for something on the entire earth.

Overall I went pretty well. Sure I hade some ups and downs but I got through. And after I was exhausted as HECK. Well that's all for now good BYE!!


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