Reflection|Week Three

Now hold the phone you may be think, this reflection is different WHY!? Because instead of focusing on maths and reading we are doing SCIENCE!!!! Mainly because our class went to the Discovery Center. Now when I saw the out side of it I thought it would be RUBBISH but either huge a book by its cover because it was AMAZING! You could really interact with the experiments. My personal favorite was the planetarium. I learnt that Uranus (NO JOKES) spins in a different angle then ANY OVER PLANET(and moon as well) I also liked this one when you press a button and the air around the ball made it float FLOAT!


When we where there we had to chose some little experiment to explain why it happened. Like THIS

20160728-102706.jpg The one I found was about negative and positive charges. It was really cool how it works.

Just to summarize that, it happens when you rub the lid with the cloth. The negative and positive charges from the lid and the little balls charges get attract to the lids charges so they ZING to the lid. ( that means they just joined to the lid)

This one is just for fun at the Discovery Center ok, ok LETS A'GO

One thought on “Reflection|Week Three

  1. Joram

    Hello Nathan
    Look at dat face… Well I loved that it was funny and it explained the criteria
    But sometimes it had false words


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