Since we are heading to sovereign hill we have to write a letter. But we needed to figure out some things. we hade to figure out what jobs our parents hade. And what ship we are taking to Australia and when it arrives. So here they are.



I used the Advanced search option to get non copyrighted images so it all good 😋

If you can't tell. This weekly reflection will be mostly with maths. So lets get STARTED!!!
So what I learnt was elapsed time. Well how to figure it out quickly and get it RIGHT. So what you have to do is make a time line to the two different times. Figure out how much minutes till the next our at the first time for example.

20161118-125712.jpg It actually easy once you get the hang of it.

I also learnt the order and angle of rotations. Here is what I learnt.

20161118-130609.jpg if you can't really read my writing ( which would be most of you) it's just saying is that the order of rotations is how many times it takes to get to its first form.

This week we had a guest speaker at our school. She was teaching us about safety and how we can help it, keep it clean and how to safe it. ( so your parents don't get a donkin big BILL in the mail.) Since there's all different levels with younger grades and all our was to be sustainable. We got little things to read and talk about. Our groups one was about how to much rubbish form children's lunch boxes can go all the way to the ocean and the streets. Causing sea life to die and get sick which is... VERY BAD!!!!

A interesting thing I found out about was that all the currents lead to this area in the 'Pacific Ocean'. Its a massive area full of garbage floating on the surface like a island. This a massive is hug and we are trying to get rid of it.

20161111-125654.jpgBut a way you could stop things like risk is recycling, not using plastic bags and stop buying plastic bottles.... Sometimes. And I am going to start doing ALL those things and more.

As normal I have had a LLLOOOTTT of learning cramped up there and now it's to show it to you all. This week was really fun. Especially on Thursday because we had the ' FUN RUN' yay....

In maths I learnt a lot about how to classify different 2D shapes. And NO not squares and normal triangles no. Like REALLY WERID SHAPES! For example I now know how to find a irregular shape and what type. And that their are no such thing as a irregular square. Instead it's called a irregular quadrilateral which means four sided shape. Which again reminds me how to find different types of irregular shapes. So no mater the length of the sides of the shape it will always rely on how many sides. Confused well it quite simple just count the sides of your irregular shape. For example you counted 5 sides but all the sides where longer than each other and all other the place. It would be a irregular pentagon.



Well this week and last week as been busy and I mean Busy. So this week we headed to the kinder because we needed to find our buddies for next year. I am really exited to find out who's my buddy. Unfortunately I don't have photos so you'll have to imagine.

The last two weeks we have been learning a lot about circles well the PARTS of circles. Yes you heard right CIRCLES HAVE PARTS!? We had a task that we had to make a geometry pictures.

Here are some parts a circle


On Wednesday we had our Science Expo this is the thing I have being worried about. Here all the grade 5s had their science question, their poster to tell them how it happens or how it happened and a model or experiment.


I was really nervous for my first time to explain how wolves have evolved to dogs. But after that it was no problem. I put a lot of effort with my written explanation and I am very proud how my speech went. Now practising was a little bit 50 50. At the start of the expo I was speaking clearly and was fine but near the end of the expo I just was RRRREEAALLYYY SSIICCKKK OOOFFFFFF SSSAAAAYYYYIIIINNNNGGGGG TTTHHHEEEE SSSAAAAMMMMEEEEE TTTTHHHHHHHIIIIINNNNNGGGGG over and OVER again!!! So I started to jumble my words a little. As well as every time some one new arrived I had to look at the names off my cue cards but come on they are the weirdest names for something on the entire earth.

Overall I went pretty well. Sure I hade some ups and downs but I got through. And after I was exhausted as HECK. Well that's all for now good BYE!!


Well this is FANTASTIC I have been gone for a week at Thailand and OH MY GOSH I HAVE A LOT TO CATCH UP ON WITH SCIENCE! So I am a week behind with my instigation and I am really worried about it. In fact I JUST stared my good copy and I am still a little scared that my investigation is actually Science. AANNDD I haven't found a experiment yet. As well as I need a model for it AS WELL!!!!!

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Now hold the phone you may be think, this reflection is different WHY!? Because instead of focusing on maths and reading we are doing SCIENCE!!!! Mainly because our class went to the Discovery Center. Now when I saw the out side of it I thought it would be RUBBISH but either huge a book by its cover because it was AMAZING! You could really interact with the experiments. My personal favorite was the planetarium. I learnt that Uranus (NO JOKES) spins in a different angle then ANY OVER PLANET(and moon as well) I also liked this one when you press a button and the air around the ball made it float FLOAT!


When we where there we had to chose some little experiment to explain why it happened. Like THIS

20160728-102706.jpg The one I found was about negative and positive charges. It was really cool how it works.

Just to summarize that, it happens when you rub the lid with the cloth. The negative and positive charges from the lid and the little balls charges get attract to the lids charges so they ZING to the lid. ( that means they just joined to the lid)

This one is just for fun at the Discovery Center ok, ok LETS A'GO